Spirit flower


I’m the person who goes shopping, fills her cart and then takes half of it out before going to the register to check out.  “Do I need it?”  “Should I wait until it goes on sale?”  And on and on my mind goes…yes, I’m an over thinker and I own it.  So can you imagine what it’s like to create a name for your brand new, shiny blog?  Well let’s just say my brain hurts now!

Geranium Soul, yep that’s what I chose to call this blog and let me tell you why.  In my mind and heart I am an avid gardener who has a beautiful backyard full of bushy, beautiful plants and flowers.  However, in reality, my backyard is full of dirt, some grass, sometimes overgrown weeds, and trash that our lovely dog, Ruca (Roo-kah), sneaks outside.

Years ago (after watching many episodes of HGTV) I made a earnest attempt to become the next Erica Glasener.  I bought flowers from Home Depot, since I could return them if (or in my case) when they died.  I found myself making many trips to exchange the dead plants and flowers.  One day, I brought home geraniums and placed them in a flower pot on our front porch.

Imagine my surprise when one month passed and the geraniums were alive and well!   Two months, three months and not one single trip needed to Home Depot.  So, I began to wonder “how can these flowers still be alive?”  So I began to read about the care needed for geraniums (you would think I would have done that first).  Here is what I learned:

  • Allow to dry between waterings, then water thoroughly.
  • During the winter water much less, but do not let the roots dry out.
  • To encourage blooming, deadhead spent flowers.
  • To promote bushiness and avoid legginess, pinch the stems.
  • During active growing months, fertilize every 2 weeks

So basically, no high maintenance needed.  I found the perfect flower that would be difficult for me to destroy – in fact, I was surprised to discover I personally identified with the geranium.

  • Loves the dry, desert environment
  • Needs water to survive, but does not enjoy extra attention
  • Intentional focus required on mental, physical & spiritual growth
  • A survivor and difficult to completely wipe out

Some people say they have a spirit animal, but I think I have a spirit flower (inserted sarcasm).

In my soul I am a geranium!





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