Patched Heart


On the floor of my room thoughts racing through my head

I stared out the window with my back against the bed

Will this be the day I have courage to run faraway?

Or will I be too timid and on the floor I remain

You see I’ve practiced this scene so many times before

Take a deep breath, stand up and go lock the door

The window is kinda high but I can make it through

There are bruises on my thigh to prove this is true

My heart pounds quickly & loudly through my tight chest

In my heart I know this choice feels more like a test

I’m tired of my stomach swirling & aching all the time

Praying to God many times & always looking for a sign

to know He is real and one day things will be fine

Love doesn’t hurt and love doesn’t lie

It shouldn’t say words or do things that brings tears to your eyes

That moment always arrives when I know I won’t go

I’ll miss my brother and sister and just too afraid of the unknown 

So I sat feeling stuck and locked in a cage

which brought sadness, confusion and a handful of rage

I just didn’t know my prayers didn’t get lost in the sky

Changes were coming that no one could ever stop or deny

The day finally arrived when I was pulled from the hot flames

No longer to be a part of evil, sick and twisted games

Regret for failing to flee out my window finally faded away

For what I’ve been given is much more than I would’ve hoped for or prayed

I didn’t know how to respond to love with no strings attached

and little by little my heart slowly was patched

My husband and children offered me devotion, grace & change

When you had no clue it existed can feel so very strange

It isn’t enough that I found my way out

there are countless other souls that need a means to sprout

So I will spend the rest of my life gratefully paying my dues

telling others that what God did for me

He can do for them too


4 thoughts on “Patched Heart

  1. Hi Bita, I was recently in a meeting for a little girl who has some anxiety. Later I was talking to her teacher who said, “Her parents are partyers, they go to relatives houses and all the kids go in one room.” I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat. I pray for her and hope there are no predators for her as there were for you. This is important work you are doing….I wish our world was different.😞

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