Two Roads

(Last August I received a call from my uncle who had just learned of my abuse – I’m guessing from this blog.  He said “I’m very sorry this happened to you.  If I had known I would’ve stopped it.  I have 2 daughters and would be very upset if anything like this ever happened to them.  Let me know if you need anything or need me to come to you or say anything to anyone.  Also, if anyone tries to give you a hard time (for speaking out) they will have to go through me first.  You do what you need to do”.   Today we celebrate his life that was cut short on earth.  The following words were written to honor this wonderful human being and my hero.)

On a rugged, dark road

Rejected and Abandoned

By those who

Feigned loyalty

Tired and broken

Seeking Hope

And Justice

A broken soul

Slowly moving

Step by Step

Miles now behind me

Feet blistered and spent

Weary and alone

Looking for home

Something happened

So unexpected

I heard my name

Startled and perplexed

I turned around

Saw your smile

Your shoulder

And kindness

Such a drought

Deep in my soul

I never knew

Until that day

You were a gift

Healing ointment

Reminder from above

Of angels on earth

A compassionate act

My heart filled with song

Courage to continue

I will never forget

How you refreshed me

And revived me

 and one glorious day

I will search for you

Until reunited

On Heaven’s Road























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